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Vine Whaling Takes Over From Planking As Weirdest Social Trend

Thunderfoot Team

There’s a new trend on the block and it’s not as illegal as you’d think…

You’ve probably heard of Planking, you may have seen friends Owling, or perhaps you saw one of your friends Fridging. The new selfie trend is #Whaling.


Whaling? Isn’t That Hunting For Wales?

Well, yes, but I’m referring to online Whaling which is something very different. It involves filming yourself lobtailing as it’s known, like a whale in odd places. Some of the best Whaling videos have been posted on video sharing site Vine and take place in an office, bedroom, a shop, a swimming pool (slightly more whale-ish in my opinion) and countless other odd places.

Vine’s official definition of Whaling is: #whaling (whal·ing): To dive backwards with one’s body in a public or unusual place like a whale breaching the surface of the ocean.

Why Is Whaling Better Than Planking?

Where planking was pictures, Whaling is full video, sometimes multiple videos stacked together. That’s much more entertaining, right?

The Best Whaling Vines OF All Time

A great example of Whaling all over the place.

Even newsreaders are getting in on the act.

The What’s What Of Viral Photo Posts


Planking was the original type of viral photo-based post and involves taking a picture of yourself lying face down in odd places, such as on a park bench, mimicking a plank of wood. Those planking can also carry out the act while being supported by one or two people or being supported by a tiger – yes a real life tiger – as seen below.

Planking on a tiger…
Planking on a telephone booth
Planking on a TV
Planking baby
Planking Soldier


Ever played Street Fighter? Ever successfully carried out the Hadouken attack? Well, these people certainly have – in real life. Hadoukening involves a photographer taking a picture of you performing the Hadouken move in mid air. I say a photographer because it can’t be that easy to get the timing on this, can it?

This mid-air photography trend was so popular, was set up specifically to showcase the masterpieces.

Hadoukening in the park
Hadoukening with lots of friends
Hadoukening at the office


Ever done the actions to ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ in public? Well, this game takes that to the next level with you mimicking the teapot. Pictures are of course, posted to a social network of choice.

Teapotting while owling
Teapotting while planking
Teapotting on TV


Just like batman, Batmanning involves hanging upside down, sometimes safely, other times not as safely.

Batmanning a little high
Batmanning in a garage
Batmanning on a door


Owling involves squatting on objects, like, you guessed it, an owl. Owling takes a lot of careful balancing, especially if combined with planking.

Owling at work
Owling underwater
Owling in the studio