5 Tactics for Creating Trustworthy Brand Content

Thunderfoot Team

When it comes to winning over digital audiences, prioritize trust over traffic.

With so much content of varying quality pouring forth from the Internet each minute, today’s readers have no choice but to be selective about what they consume. And while much of the content available online is well-written, carefully edited, and fact-checked, the nature of digital publishing positions lower quality content right alongside the very best. In light of this, readers have been conditioned to approach digital content through the lens of a cynic, lest they fall prey to sloppy reporting, bad grammar, or something more sinister.

How can your brand stand out from this mediocre deluge? Here are 5 tips for brands looking to win the trust of digital audiences with high quality content:

1. Ask the Experts

A simple way to boost your brand’s online ethos is by seeking out insights from credentialed experts in your industry. Rather than delving into a particularly technical topic that your content team might be poorly equipped to unpack, consult a doctor, scientist, author, or other industry leader. If your company has experts on staff in different departments, even better! Take advantage of the in-house talent available to you — you might be surprised to learn what a diverse knowledge base you can access within your own organization.

2. Make a Case

Provide evidence for any claims made in your brand publications, even if a particular topic or issue seems self-explanatory to your content team. It’s important to properly cite and link back to reliable sources that validate your points. When dealing with first-person content, incorporate photos, videos, and detailed anecdotes of results achieved.

3. Acknowledge Dissent

In op-eds and think pieces, it is essential to acknowledge the opposing viewpoint of any given argument. Point out why some people disagree with you before deconstructing their POV — it’ll make your argument all the more convincing.

4. Feature Testimonials and Press Coverage

Consider creative ways to incorporate positive customer feedback on your content platform. After all, your clients and customers are often able to communicate your brand story in ways that your brand cannot — and other prospects will be more likely to heed their advice. Whether that looks like a dedicated page of testimonials and press coverage, or a produced video starring clients and customers, is up to you.

5. Revise, Copy Edit, Revise

You might be working with a Pulitzer-winning concept, but a single misspelled word can deter your audience from reading beyond the first paragraph. Never underestimate the value of impeccable grammar, no matter how niche, technical, or seemingly unliterary the subject matter.

With so many analytical tools at our fingertips, it’s easy for marketers to overlook the conceptual content practices that build rapport with consumers. As a brand, strive to cultivate thoughtful, service-oriented content that is impeccably written, grammatically excellent, and thoroughly researched.