Thunderfoot’s 10 Best Blogs of 2020

Thunderfoot Team

Here are our best blogs of 2020! Revisit the industry insights and marketing strategies that have helped companies succeed during a disruptive year.

Given this year’s many ups and downs, companies have had to revisit marketing best practices and prioritize innovations to stand out from the crowd. We spent 2020 talking to experts across industries to learn how businesses have adapted to COVID-19 — here are some of the insights and strategies that have helped companies not just survive, but thrive.  

1. The Ultimate Work-From-Home Guide for Marketers During the Coronavirus

In the early days of the pandemic, companies had to quickly adjust to the new work-from-home reality. At Thunderfoot, we immediately compiled a guide for remote success — from using collaborative tools to fostering a new work-life balance. These tips have served us well in the months since, and they continue to form the foundation of our WFH strategy. 

2. Kimberly Lor of Lead Bank on Why Digital Storytelling Matters for Community Banks

As part of our series on community banks and digital innovation, we dug into the exciting potential of digital storytelling for setting community banks apart from the competition. The digital marketing manager for Lead Bank, Kimberly Lor, says, “It’s about telling customers who you are, what you value, and what you are doing for your community.” The piece also explores the opportunities associated with fintech collaborations. 

3. The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Case Study

Case studies are a powerful tool for closing a sale, as they offer a vivid illustration of your company’s value props in action. But not every case study lives up to its full potential. From telling a compelling story to using great design, follow these best practices to make your excellent work shine to prospective clients. 

4. The 5 Principles of a Clean CRM

Part of our series on maintaining customer relationship management (CRM) resources, this blog provides actionable advice for companies struggling with disorganized CRM data. From defining KPIs to setting smart admin limits, this piece can help you take steps toward achieving a clean CRM. 

5. How to Keep Your SEO Rankings When You Rebrand

This year’s disruptions didn’t stop companies from rebranding (we did it!). Rebranding is a great way to make a new first impression with customers, but overhauling an old website requires a careful approach to ensure you don’t undermine your hard-earned SEO rankings. This guide explains how to keep your SEO rankings intact during your company’s digital transformation. 

6. Bill Deville of Health Carousel on Connecting Care Workers During a Pandemic

In 2020, just about every U.S. company had to make tough business decisions. But few faced challenges like the healthcare industry. Bill Deville of Health Carousel, a healthcare staffing solutions provider, walked us through how his company adapted to new conditions, supported employees, and stayed true to their mission. 

7. Rita Cheng of Blue Ocean Global Wealth on Building Relationships with Digital Tools

How can companies build strong client relationships while fulfilling the expectations of today’s customers for a fully digital interface? In this interview with Rita Cheng, CEO and Co-Founder of an investment advisory firm, we discuss the opportunities and challenges inherent in combining digital storytelling and UX with traditional customer service.

8. Superhuman’s Winning Marketing Strategy: A Case Study

We can all learn from companies with innovative marketing campaigns — but what about a company that doesn’t actually engage in formal advertising? Superhuman takes a compelling approach to building customer interest, largely by making access to the tool highly exclusive. This method won’t work for every business, but there’s something to be learned by understanding Superhuman’s strategy for creating a buzz. 

9. Perspective in Financial Services: Keith Floen of Corserv on Community Banks

There’s nothing stopping community banks from being leaders in digital innovation. In this interview we talk with Keith Floen, Chief Marketing Officer of Corserv, about why — and how — community banks are pursuing successful, customer-facing digital strategies, and what he sees as the next steps in the industry. 

10. Beth Goff-McMillan of SKG on Redesigning Office Spaces after COVID-19

At the end of 2020, the future of work remains in flux. Beth Goff-McMillan of SKG muses on how offices will adapt as workers return, and why for some companies, this year’s disruptions could present an exciting opportunity for workplace experimentation and innovation.