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Sharing is Caring: Tips for Creating Shareable Content

Thunderfoot Team

Psst: Here’s the secret to producing content that practically advertises itself.

Did you know that infographics are three times more likely to be shared and liked on social media than any other type of content? Or that Facebook alone accounted for 57% of total social content sharing last year?

With so many advertisement saturating the user experience of today’s digital browsers, traditional sidebar and pop-up ads often go ignored or are blocked altogether. Creating something shareable — whether that means a social media graphic or a more in-depth blog post — is one of the best ways to spread your brand gospel in a way that will catch the valuable attention of consumers.

Here are a few of our tried-and-true tips for creating more shareable content:

Appeal to Your Audience Directly

If you want your audience to invest in your brand, it’s essential to communicate to them — as clearly and cogently as possible — why you have not only the best products on the market, but their best interests at heart. Gathering real testimonials from customers and accompanying these stories with high-quality photos, videos, and other forms of media is an effective way to demonstrate your real-world impact on the small screen.

Give Away Tips & Tricks For Free

Don’t just publish important lifehacks and industry secrets in print magazines and subscription-only publications — spread the word about them on your website and via your social media channels! If you’ve tapped into your audience’s interests, the increase in click rates and shares alone is sure to bump up your ROI.

Make it Easy to Spread the Word

Like everything else online, creating successful shareable ads is all about a seamless consumer experience. Prominently display “share” buttons and endnotes prompting readers to share your content to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. By actively encouraging readers to share your content, you’ll create a ripple effect with your target audience, wherein one share leads to more likes (and even leads) from a secondary audience of potentially interested consumers.

Create Reactive Content

Everyone likes to feel as though they’re the first one in on a secret — so when you’re planning your content marketing calendar, be sure to include a post or two that will surprise your audience. Never underestimate the importance of a good title or a unique take on a relevant industry news item! By evoking readers’ curiosity right off the bat, you’re sure to see a higher engagement.

Social Giveaways and Incentives

If you’re looking for an effective way to quickly multiply your brand’s social following, consider hosting a competition that encourages engagement among your current followers. Executing such an initiative is simple: offer an enticing free product or discount to those who tag a friend in your Instagram comments, for instance, or share your post with their Facebook network. It’s a win-win: they’ll get an awesome prize, and you’ll get some valuable free publicity from your loyal customers.

Show, Don’t Just Tell

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, infographics are much more likely to be shared than any other form of content. Why? Humans are visual creatures — so when we combine hard data with fun pictures, it makes complex content much easier (and more fun!) to digest.

From increasing brand recognition to engaging your target audience on a deeper level, there are plenty of worthwhile reasons to invest in shareable content — so what are you waiting for?