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Infographic: Compound Interest — How Regular Blogging Drives Traffic

Thunderfoot Team

While social media, video content, and podcasts are a welcome addition to any serious content program, the backbone of your digital strategy should be an organized, regularly updated blog.

Developing a robust content program takes time and attention, whether you’re setting yourself up for industry-wide thought leadership or creating best practice guides for a niche market. However, before you branch into innovative new mediums, it’s important to set a solid foundation: 60% of marketers say that blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.

While marketers who are new to regular blogging may worry about dedicating their resources to single posts that will soon fade into oblivion, blogging can actually pay off in the long-term: one in 10 blog articles generate compound interest, which means that organic search traffic actually increases over time. With 75% of HubSpot’s blog views and 90% of their blog leads coming from old posts, it’s clear that high-quality articles are a gift that keeps on giving. How’s that for ROI?

Curious about the other benefits of building out your brand’s blog? Check out our helpful infographic for more.

Regular Blogging Drives Traffic | L&T