10 Qualities to Look for in Your Next Content Marketing Hire

Remy Bernstein

Making a list and checking it twice.

Content marketers generally wear many hats within an organization, and this multifaceted role requires a diverse skillset. Here are the 10 qualities I always look for when recruiting new hires for our content team:

1. Rock Solid Writing Skills

While it’s true that content is king, only the most valuable content makes an impact and keeps readers coming back for more. In an era of emojis and Snapchat stories, long-form communication skills can be hard to come by. Be sure your top contender can write clearly and creatively before shelling out an offer.

2. Social Media Savvy

Posting to Facebook and Instagram may not be part of their job description, but content marketers should at least be comfortable and conversant in the major social media platforms. Because their content will be pushed out onto all relevant channels, writers should be able to keep different audiences in mind when choosing a topic and tone.

3. Highly Adaptable

Marketing is an inherently complex and multifaceted practice, which means plenty of loose ends, tight deadlines, and moving quickly from task to task. A great content marketer can easily adapt to different roles and jump on various projects as they arise.

4. Interested in Branding

As with any job, those who only care about making money won’t put forth the same effort as those who are genuinely interested in marketing and branding. You’ve got to love what you do to be great at it, so look for a candidate who is not only qualified, but passionate about the craft.

5. Well-Read

The most adept content marketers keep tabs on trending topics and breaking news in their industry, and use these topics to inform their marketing initiatives. A qualified candidate will demonstrate an active interest in remaining up-to-date on the latest and most interesting stories, and will take the initiative to integrate relevant topics into your content marketing plan.

6. Goal-Oriented

In the marketing world, juggling multiple projects of varying importance is a must. A great content marketer is able to prioritize these tasks to best align with your company’s overarching goals. Choose a candidate who understands your vision and can make decisions accordingly.

7. Creative

With so much content flooding the digital space, you need a writer who can find new and creative ways to tell the same story, but better. Creative minds are an asset to any content marketing team.

8. Organized

While you don’t necessarily need to hire a type-A personality for the job, it’s important that your new hire is organized enough to meet strict deadlines. Content marketers need solid project management skills to keep all their many projects flowing seamlessly through the pipeline.

9. Data-Driven

Even the best content will go unnoticed if it’s not reaching and resonating with the right people. Great content marketers track the performance of their strategies and optimize their approach in order to achieve the highest level of engagement, brand awareness, and reach. Look for candidates who can make data-driven decisions while also telling a compelling story.

10. Collaborative

Last, but not least: almost equally as important as great writing skills and creativity is the ability to thrive in a cross-functional team. Content marketers work closely with almost every other employee in the company, so hire someone who is personable, pleasant, and highly collaborative.

Remy Bernstein

Managing Partner & COO

Directs agency operations and client strategy across creative, sales, and marketing teams on two continents.

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