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Infographic: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words — The Impact of Visual Content on Digital Marketing

Andres Clua

Digital strategists who balance visual content with compelling copy can make the most of their online presence.

For digital marketers, engagement is key. While it’s certainly important that internet users see your content and process it, actually getting them to interact with it is the name of the game. But persuading passive users to take more of an active role in the social media landscape is easier said than done.

By introducing more visual content into their overall portfolio, however, marketers can take a step in the right direction. Indeed, visual content is a stunning 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. What’s more, the use of colorful visuals reportedly increases people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%.

For digital marketers struggling to boost engagement — or for those who just want to keep up the momentum — it’s clear that visual content is indispensable.

Looking for more information on this essential piece of any winning content strategy? Check out our helpful infographic to learn more:

Visual_Content-Dino | L&T

Andres Clua

Technology Lead

Hails from Uruguay, runs web development at Thundrfoot. Past experience includes projects for major brands including Google, Lego, Samsung, and Salesforce.

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