OnPrem Solutions Partners on COVID-Era Digital Transformation

Oliver Cox

OnPrem Solutions Partners helps companies drive productivity by matching them with the technology solutions they need to thrive.

When much of the globe abruptly moved to remote work in mid-March, it quickly became clear that companies would need more than Zoom and Slack to ensure that their employees were adapting to their new environment. In the months since, many businesses have sought guidance from technology-based management consulting firms like OnPrem Solution Partners LLC. OnPrem helps companies implement end-to-end technology solutions that let them better understand their content, customers, and data — whether they are working on-premises or remotely.`

We spoke to members of the OnPrem team to learn about their transition to remote work and how they’re helping clients in the media and entertainment and consumer products industries adapt to shifting technology demands.  

Finding Their Footing in the Face of Change

Until the COVID-19 pandemic hit, relatively few companies saw work-from-home as a viable long-term option. In media production and consulting, the very idea seemed impossible. Yet since March, OnPrem consultants have thrived by adapting to the new normal of remote work.

In some ways, OnPrem was particularly fortunate. Frank Leal, Partner at OnPrem, anticipated that COVID would significantly impact US companies and created a contingency plan in late February. The plan included reaching out to the company’s clients to offer preemptive support before the crisis fully hit.

According to Vanessa Fiola, also a Partner at OnPrem, the consultants have had to shift from being “road warriors” traveling between clients’ offices to being masters of digital communication and remote problem-solving. Although the switch to work-from-home was abrupt, the past few months have presented exciting new opportunities. In fact, technological consulting firms like OnPrem have seen an increase in demand as a result of the coronavirus. 

Even as workload increased, OnPrem negotiated the logistical changes successfully. As Fiola points out, technology consultants are accustomed to adapting to challenging situations and learning new things under a time crunch. “I actually think that the DNA of a consultant is that you are only as good as your current project,” Fiola proposes. “You’re very used to having to prove yourself all over again, on every single project. It just comes with the territory.” 

Navigating Digital Transformation in the Wake of COVID-19

As lockdowns were implemented across the country, OnPrem found that a number of existing clients needed assistance with digital transformation. According to Jon Christian, a Founding Partner of OnPrem, companies across industries still have a shallow view about what digital transformation involves. 

Before the crisis, many companies still believed that boosting their social media presence and building a basic website was enough. But now, they’re awakening to the fact that real digital transformation means the ability to operate entirely digitally — from asset management, to ensuring data security, to facilitating day-to-day operations. 

For those that are lagging behind — OnPrem is ready to help. Their consultants know that despite the pressure to adapt to new demands, there’s no one-size-fits-all digital transformation solution. Fiola and Christian stress that transformation must begin with a thorough assessment of the needs of each individual client. 

This is why OnPrem treats each client as an island, determining precisely what technological solutions are right — and realistic — for them alone. While some clients may be ready for cutting-edge market solutions, others need something that’s more accessible to the first-time user. 

“We’re not saying wait until you can run to start your transformation,” explains Fiola. “We’re saying, start small, get small wins, and then build on those wins by implementing process changes immediately, governance immediately, locking down your metadata immediately. That way you’re laying the groundwork for your systematic wins.” 

Building on small wins to create meaningful progress is key to the OnPrem approach. This is how the company helps its media clients to create and promote new content at a time when many studios have been forced to shut down. It is also how OnPrem is fostering success for themselves at a time when business-as-usual is rapidly changing. 

Continuing the Learning Process in the Face of the Unknown

For OnPrem, COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and a new way of doing business. “There is no going back to normal because we’re really entering a truly new era,” says Fiola. “Even after COVID dies down, there will be no return to what we think of as normal. Businesses now have the infrastructure they need to do things better. I think that there’s something really beautiful in that.”

OnPrem is all about using technology to move forward, and the COVID-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst for change. OnPrem’s partners are excited to see that change continue to play out into the future.

Oliver Cox

Digital Innovation Lead

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