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Listening: Leadership, Organic Systems and Non-Zero-Sum Conversations

Oliver Cox

Thunderfoot is proud and excited to announce the launch of our latest white paper: Listening: Leadership, Organic Systems and Non-Zero-Sum Conversations.

Listening is immensely important to us. It is how we as an agency learn about our clients and how we build diverse teams of engaged, loyal, and intellectually curious individuals. Technological change is accelerating and, as Peter Drucker put it in 1994, “Knowledge has become the key resource of the world economy.”

We argue that listening drives innovation by cultivating a system of frictionless knowledge flow. Listening empowers organizations to benefit from technological change.

In Listening, we address:

  1. Why, psychologically, we are predisposed to benefit from listening and being listened to
  2. Strategies that leaders can use to listen effectively and at scale
  3. How managers and organizations, by listening, can unleash the organic innovative potential of their people

Download your copy here

Oliver Cox

Marketing & Innovation Lead

Originally from the UK, now builds custom strategies to share our clients' visions and stories. Novelist and musician in his spare time.

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