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Infographic: Like, Share, Comment — Facebook’s Social Media Domination

Thunderfoot Team

Despite recent scrutiny over user privacy, social media’s 800-pound gorilla should continue to play a central role in any brand’s content strategy.

A successful social media strategy inevitably draws upon the strengths of multiple platforms; but given its dominance over such a massive segment of consumers, Facebook should be the bread and butter of any brand’s digital presence. With well over one billion daily active users, content marketers would be hard-pressed to find a channel with as much reach — or as many options for strategic tailoring to consumer preferences.

For digital strategists seeking active engagement with their target audience, Facebook still leads the pack: 70% of users log on daily and 43% do so several times a day. However, less than half of marketers feel that their outreach efforts on the platform are effective.

There’s never been a better time to invest in your Facebook presence and put your brand’s best foot forward. Check out our infographic to learn more:

facebook infographic dino