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Industry Spotlight: Brand Publishing for Marketing

Thunderfoot Team

A good brand publication can totally transform your digital marketing results.

Any digital marketer worth their salt knows the basics of blogging — but have you thought about how a brand publication could help transform your marketing strategy?

Here’s how finding your brand’s voice can also help tech-savvy companies find a larger audience:

Increase Traffic and Boost Revenue

When you’re building a brand publication, the ultimate goal is to become a valuable and trustworthy source of information for potential customers. But these consumers are by no means the only ones reaping the benefits of your well-written blog posts and thoughtful articles.

The fact of the matter is, when they’re executed well, brand publications are an incredibly effective way to increase traffic and boost revenue. If you play your cards right, you could as much as double your traffic within the first three months of implementing a brand publishing strategy.

How is that possible? It’s simple: by creating content potential consumers care about, you’ll drive more qualified organic traffic as a result of relevant search queries. Inbound marketing (that is, marketing designed to deliver consumers to your doorstep) supplies an average of 54% more leads than other strategies. By focusing on SEO-driven, high-quality content, you’ll be sure to improve your SERP ranking and clickthrough rate in no time. Plus, you’ll start attracting better informed and more interested customers, which will only increase the legitimacy of your publication and your brand as a whole.

Find Your Niche

Publish or perish: if you’re not publishing marketing content often and consistently, you’re missing out on an enormous amount of potential traffic. That’s why an organized content marketing calendar is every digital marketer’s best friend. The better you plan, the more effectively you can usher consumers into your marketing funnel.

Of course, funneling traffic requires more than just an organized content schedule — it’s about really knowing your audience. That’s why, before brainstorming content ideas, you should define editorial “beats” that differentiate you from your competitors. Then, map those beats to your target personas, and voila! You’ll never fail to provide interesting, informative, and unwaveringly relevant content.

Marketing Superstars

Brand publishing might be the logical extension of any successful content marketing strategy, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to hit your target ROI. Therefore, before embarking on your brand publishing journey, it’s often helpful to learn from the examples of other successful publications — particularly those pertaining to your industry.

Take MDConnect, for example. As far as cornering a niche market goes, this company has it down pat. A digital-driven marketing services provider for healthcare professionals, MDConnect creates a variety of content intended to introduce potential and current clients not only to the ins and outs of the industry, but also to the company’s accomplishments and goals.

If you want to take a more unconventional approach to your brand publication, consider the case of Albert, an AI created by the marketing gurus over at Adgorithms. The team’s blog is dedicated specifically to the world of Albert and AI, writing industry-relevant articles that often showcase Albert’s unique capabilities. The key here, as with any brand publication, is staying true to the brand’s editorial voice and creating content that speaks to what makes your company exceptional.