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How to Increase Brand Awareness With Content in 21 Ways

Thunderfoot Team

To be admired, you must first be noticed.

The increased prevalence of content marketing has fundamentally transformed the way brands communicate with their target audiences. It makes sense: offering something valuable to prospective clients is a great way to demonstrate authority and build awareness surrounding your brand.

Here are 21 tried-and-true strategies for increasing brand awareness with content:

1. Create a Brand Publication

Brand publishing offers a unique opportunity to build a connection with your target audience. Tailor your content to suit the interests of prospective clients to ensure that you’re promoting awareness amongst the right crowds.

2. Executive Branding

Executive branding helps you showcase your strengths and forge invaluable connections, positioning your company as an industry leader by demonstrating your unique expertise.

3. Employee Branding

Encourage your employees to incorporate their own perspectives into your content marketing strategy. This will help diversify your voice and broaden your audience. Plus, your team members will feel like brand ambassadors, not just employees.

4. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging builds awareness among consumers who are already interested in a similar brand or related industry. Be sure to stick with topics that hit on the unique advantages offered by your brand.

5. Content Syndication

Find relevant syndication partners who are open to hosting your content on their site. By reusing some of your best existing content instead of starting from scratch, this approach can extend your reach and allow you to make the most of your time and efforts.

6. Employee Social Sharing

Encourage employees and executives to share your latest posts with their own social followings to get your content in front of even more viewers. This is a great strategy, because social media users generally trust content that is endorsed by connections and friends. Just make sure every social post links to the original article in order to lead visitors back to your site.

7. Co-Branded Content

When GE combined its massive database of scientific knowledge with New York Times’ storytelling abilities, the result was pure magic:

Work with other brands and businesses to produce long-form content, such as whitepapers, case studies, or ebooks. This is a great way to pool your resources and create something equally beneficial for your goals and those of your partnering brand.

8. Social Ads

Display ads and paid search are helpful for reaching members of your target audience, but social ads are just as important. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have access to a wealth of consumer information; pushing your content through paid social ads gets you in front of the right people at the right time.

9. Social Media Content

Post your most interesting content on relevant social media platforms, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another network altogether. Be sure to include links to your brand publication (or blog), but also post original content, mention influencers, and engage in conversations to make the most of your social reach.

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10. Videos

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words — so a video must be worth a million. Create branded videos and post them to all relevant social platforms. Since videos seem to do well amongst social users, consider boosting your videos on Facebook to promote even more engagement.

11. Brand Mentions from Media

Pitching journalists interesting stories and quotes can get your name out there in front of viewers. HARO is a great resource for connecting reporters with brands to form a mutually beneficial relationship. The concept is simple: journalists gains access to your expertise, and your brand gains invaluable media coverage.

12. Podcasts & Webinars

Start building connections with people who host podcasts and non-competitive companies that do webinars. Let them know you’re open to appearing as a guest, so you’ll be fresh on their minds when they’re planning an episode that aligns with your industry knowledge.

13. Participation in Industry Conferences

Participating in industry conferences not only exposes your brand to attendees, it also supplies you with content to repurpose for your own publication. Turn your presentation into slides and share them with fans who couldn’t make it to the conference.

14. Social Media Presence

Get in the habit of posting every day on any social networks that are relevant to your industry and brand. If you don’t have the time, use scheduling tools to automatically push content out without having to manually do it throughout the week.

15. Referral Programs

Let your customers build awareness for your brand by setting up a referral program. Offer fans an incentive to share your services with a friend. This demonstrates your appreciation to loyal customers while gaining valuable testimonials for your brand.

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16. Infographics

People love sharing infographics on social media because they’re clever, entertaining, and usually help simplify a complex idea. Be sure to include a logo so people know your brand is the mastermind behind the genius graphic.

17. Partnerships

Team up with a brand that shares similar values and overlapping target audiences. Uber and Spotify, for example, worked together to create a more enjoyable consumer experience for their customers.

18. Social Media Contests

Everyone loves free stuff. Even if you can’t afford to give away a tropical vacation or a new car, think about something less expensive that your target audience will find uniquely valuable. Contests and giveaways help promote engagement and strengthen your social presence.

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19. Influencer Marketing

Work with influencers in your space who can help build awareness about your brand. Influencers are generally already trusted and adored by fans, so getting a mention boosts your brand’s reputation by association.

20. Opinion Pieces / Controversy

Proceed with caution: not every brand can get away with being controversial, but it is certainly one way to get noticed. If you decide to go this route, be sure your opinion is authentic and aligns with your brand values. Publicity stunts are easy to see through and can be damaging to a carefully maintained reputation.

21. Company News

Publishing company news on your blog or via a press release keeps fans updated on the latest happenings surrounding your brand. However, you should be selective about what you publish, focusing on information that is truly relevant and newsworthy.

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