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How Premium Content Helps Companies Tell Their Brand Stories

Madeline Killen

Premium content forms the cornerstone of your brand’s story and identity. Learn more about the different forms it can take – and why it works so well.

Obviously, content marketing is great for generating leads and turning those leads into prospects. What many brands don’t realize, though, is that they can also use content marketing to convert leads into customers. While most content that brands create is free and intended to drive organic growth, a complete marketing strategy should include premium content as well.

Premium content is original information of high value to your customers and prospects — such high value that they’ll turn over their contact information in exchange for it. Typically, premium content is directly relevant to your business, providing an in-depth look into what you do and how you can help customers or offering your expert guidance on a key challenge facing your customers.

You’ll typically house your premium content behind a web form that requires visitors to fill out their name, title, company, and email address to access it, meaning that premium content is a win-win: you’ll get a prospect’s contact information and a chance to impress them with your premium content, and the prospect will get great, expert information.

Types of Premium Content

Your premium content will likely take one of these forms:

  • eBook: Usually 15 to 30 pages in length, eBooks are meticulously designed and heavy on visual content. They’re distributed as a downloadable PDF in most cases, but they’ll include a graphics-heavy cover just like a physical book would.
  • White paper: A white paper is an in-depth analysis of a subject or problem. A white paper is going to be heavily backed by expert sources and reliable research with plenty of citations. White papers are 6-10 pages long and also distributed in PDF form.
  • Case study: Case studies are like a long-form version of a testimonial. They tell the story of a customer’s success thanks to your company’s help, and they’ll usually contain graphs or other graphics to help readers visualize the impact.
  • Webinar: A webinar will typically be a live presentation, recorded and saved online as premium content.
    Infographics: Infographics are data-based graphics that explain an important or complicated concept in your industry.
  • Digital Story: Digital stories are multimedia experiences – branded or not – that pull a reader into a larger narrative with video, audio, text, maps, and other media.

Why Premium Content is Valuable

Premium content is important to your brand story for three primary reasons: its length, its subjects, and its audience. First, longer content means that you can tell deeper stories; with more space to dive into a story, you’re free to get into more complex topics.

For example, you can tell stories about customers who are happy with your work, outlining the issues they were dealing with before beginning to work with you and detailing how they’ve achieved success with your products and services. You can delve into long-form analyses of trend and issues that are relevant to your industry, or you can explain your product in more detail than would be appropriate on a web page.

Second, your premium content becomes the cornerstone content for your brand publishing efforts. The topics you examine in these pieces offer jumping-off points to build more content, creating a cohesive narrative across all channels, from your blog to your social media to your annual report.

Finally, premium content create better leads. The people reading your long-form content are often toward the bottom of the funnel, so premium content helps to seal the deal and drive conversions. While they already have surface-level information, they need a final, in-depth push to make a buying decision. Premium content offers that push.

If you’re interested in exploring premium content, L&T is here to help. Contact us today to start the discussion about how premium content can drive conversions for your business.

Madeline Killen

Senior Content Associate

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