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Why You Should Highlight Your Brand Publication’s ‘Most Popular’ Posts

Thunderfoot Team

Be the trend you want to see on the internet.

Digital media affords you the unique ability to demonstrate the presence of an active, engaged audience. Many publications dedicate an area on their website (often on the righthand side of the homepage) to highlight their most popular articles. These may show up as:

  • “Most Popular”
  • “Most Read”
  • “Most Viewed”
  • “Popular”
  • “Trending Now”
  • “Most Shared”
  • “Most Commented”

These brands aren’t simply exercising their bragging rights for the sake of it, however. There are real, tangible perks to highlighting your greatest hits:

1. Draws Attention to Relevant Content

First and foremost, you’re guiding visitors toward content that will give them a taste of what your brand is all about. Shining the spotlight on your most valuable posts keeps readers coming back for more.

2. Demonstrates an Active Brand Community

The superlative “most popular” suggests an extensive following, compelling others to following suit and become fans themselves. From a branding perspective, showcasing an active community is extremely powerful.

3. Enhances your Google Search Presence

Yet another benefit of adding a “trending” section to your publication is that it sends positive signals to Google, which algorithmically rewards you for driving real engagement. Any opportunity to boost your search rankings is one you should take.

4. Gives Your Content a Longer Shelf Life

Given the 24-hour news cycle and sheer volume of digital content being produced on a daily basis, users tend to gravitate to the newest, hottest story. This phenomenon frustratingly shortens the life cycle of any content you produce. However, displaying your most popular articles can actually slow down this cycle, extending the shelf life of your most valuable posts.

5. Opens up Marketing Opportunities

If nothing else, highlighting your most popular posts gives you an opportunity to keep track of their long-term performance. In turn, knowing which content is most valuable to your target audience opens up a new world of marketing opportunities. For example, you may want to repurpose your “most read” posts for your email newsletter, infographics, or other long-form content initiatives, or periodically promote the posts on your social media channels.

Your most popular posts are popular for a simple reason: they have resonated with your existing fans and followers. So why not share the wealth and highlight your most valuable content for newcomers to enjoy?