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12 Ways to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader Through Content

Thunderfoot Team

Use your content as a tool for building authority.

Consumers want to invest in brands that have demonstrated excellence in what they do, paving the way for the rest of the industry.

One way to showcase your expertise? By publishing thoughtful content. These 12 tips will help you make the most of your content strategy:

1. Create a Brand Publication with High Editorial Standards

Writing for the sake of writing is not good enough in today’s competitive digital market. To really stand out, you must create a brand publication worthy of readers’ time. Put together a talented editorial team and hold every piece of content to the highest standards. The amount of time you devote to your publication will always show.

2. Write Think Pieces

Although it’s tempting to throw together a generic blog post for the purpose of pushing out regular content, this approach doesn’t provide the most value to your target audience. People want to read something that they haven’t already seen a hundred times. Think pieces show readers that your brand is knowledgeable, and that you care enough to put together thoughtful content they’ll actually enjoy.

3. Invite Experts and Influencers to Write for Your Publication

Influencers are generally already trusted and adored by fans, so getting an influencer to write for your publication can help boost your brand’s reputation. Do your research and find an industry expert who will likely endorse your ideas, then invite him or her to contribute to your publication.

4. Quote Experts and Influencers on your Publication

Quote experts and influencers in your own content to reinforce the advice you’re shelling out. This shows readers that other knowledgeable industry insiders agree with your opinions. As a bonus, you’ll start to build connections with valuable industry players who might ask you to contribute to their own publications in the future.

5. Guest Post on Other Publications

Guest blogging builds awareness among consumers who are already interested in a similar brand or related industry. Be sure to stick with topics that hit on the unique advantages offered by your brand.

6. Get Interviewed and Quoted by Other Influencers

Getting your content in front of relevant audiences helps extend your reach and establish your authority. If a reputable industry expert features your — and by extension, your brand’s — thoughts and advice on their publication, you’ll be seen as an expert by association.

7. Post Insightful Social Media Content

Get in the habit of posting insightful content on relevant social networks every single day. Social posts are easy to share, and the more exposure your brand gets, the more likely it is that you’ll be remembered as a thought leader within your industry.

8. Utilize Content Syndication

Find relevant syndication partners who are open to hosting your content on their site. By reusing some of your best existing content instead of starting from scratch, this approach can extend your reach and allow you to make the most of your efforts.

9. Create and Share Videos

Video has become increasingly popular because it’s so quick and easy to consume. Find creative ways to turn a blog post or product launch into a short, fun clip that’s shareable via Facebook or Instagram.

10. Write Product or Service Reviews

When a new (non-competitive) industry-related product or service becomes available, try it out and share your experience on your publication. Consumers rely on reviews to help them make purchasing decisions, so establishing your brand as a trusted reviewer can be a valuable tool for building your brand’s authority.

11. Create Helpful Guides

While blog posts and short how-to articles can be extremely useful to readers, try digging deeper and putting together an actionable guide. Long-form content can go a long way towards establishing an ethos of authority around your brand.

12. Turn Presentations into Slideshares

Slide-sharing allows you to compile slides from presentations and share them via social or on your website. This presents a great opportunity to reuse (and publicize) conference material or other presentations that showcase your industry knowledge.