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How to Create Text Videos, Fast, With Lumen5

Oliver Cox

Here’s how to create text videos — or “texties” — quickly and with minimal effort.

Here at L&T, we’re crazy for a little media magic we like to call “texties.” Texties is the term we’ve coined for short videos wherein the prime focus is text — usually complete with an image slideshow and a music soundtrack. They’re especially suited for social media, where users can access information quickly (and even stumble upon the videos accidentally!). The focus on text means that the viewer can follow along with the sound off if they’re on the go or viewing the video at work: in this respect, texties are highly captivating.

A member of our coworking space and I were recently talking about marketing tools, and she recommended Lumen5 as a platform to create just this type of captivating video. She explained that this tool allows you to create texties very quickly — her favorite feature being that you can pull in existing content such as a blog post and use this to populate the video.

I gave it a go and was very impressed: we’ve since used it to augment both our own and our clients’ brand publishing efforts.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to create a video in Lumen5 yourself.

1. Choose Your Video Type

Lumen5 lets you create videos styled to match the medium you use to share them: landscape for blogs, YouTube, and so on, square for Instagram, and even portrait.

Lumen2 | L&T

2. Choose Your Theme

Next, choose your favorite from Lumen5’s selection of color and font themes.

Lumen6 | L&T

3. Choose How to Generate Your Text

Then, Lumen5 needs a source for the content of your video — you can build it from scratch in their system, paste it in, or give Lumen5 a URL from which to pull text. In this example we’ll use a URL to a post on the L&T blog.

4. Create Your Video

Once you have your content, click on parts of the text to populate the video. If you click on a sentence, Lumen5 will create a new slide for that sentence. If the sentence has multiple clauses, it will separate them into multiple slides with the same background.

Lumen5 searches publicly available images to automatically select slide background images for you. If you don’t like the image you can use Lumen5’s image search feature to find one you prefer. You can create your whole video in this way, selecting the words you need to tell your story.

Lumen3 | L&T

5. Edit Your Text

Lumen5 doesn’t bind you to the source content — just click on the slide you want to edit and change the text.

Lumen4 | L&T

6. Choose Your Soundtrack

Lumen5 comes with a music library, sorted by mood. Choose a soundtrack to match your creation — or, if you already have music you want to use, Lumen5 allows you to upload it.

There are a few more features, but these six steps provide the framework to create a great textie. Once you’re happy with the video you’ve created, click “FINISH” and Lumen5 will take you through the process of rendering your video into a file. That’s it!

Videos and especially texties are an excellent way to connect with your audience and share ideas: Lumen5 facilities this, with speed and ease.

Oliver Cox

Marketing & Innovation Lead

Originally from the UK, now builds custom strategies to share our clients' visions and stories. Novelist and musician in his spare time.

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