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Want to do Company Blogging Right? Take a Cue from these 7 Consumer-Oriented Brand Publications that We Love

Madeline Killen

These seven companies have top-notch blogs that keep us coming back for more.

If you haven’t established a cohesive editorial strategy for your company blog, it’s high time you get on board: producing content that people want to read, engage with, and share is an essential step toward building rapport with customers and boosting your brand profile.

But getting your blog up and running may seem daunting. After deciding what you’ll be writing about and who you’ll be writing to, it’s up to you to maintain a regular publishing schedule that maximizes your blog’s impact.

Wondering where to start? Check out these seven brands with blogs that regularly feature relevant and readable content. They’ll provide all the inspiration you need to get working on your next viral post.

1. M.M. La Fleur

LaFleur | L&T

M.M. La Fleur is a professional women’s clothing brand with a blog that was recently lauded in the New York Times Morning Briefing. Their blog offers style tips in a conversational tone, plenty of pictures, and helpful links to clothing and products featured in the articles. M.M. La Fleur’s blog isn’t just a collection of listicles, however. It also includes long-form pieces and in-depth profiles of working women, including this favorite of New York Times editor Jennifer Steinhauer.

NYTimes | L&T

2. Warby Parker

Warby | L&T

Warby Parker’s direct-to-consumer, buy-one-give-one business model has been changing the game for eyewear retailers since 2010. The company’s blog, however, is about more than glasses. By featuring top book picks, favorite documentaries, and other pop culture happenings — interspersed with the occasional product launch — Warby Parker situates itself at the cultural crossroads of an online marketing and retail landscape it played an integral role in shaping.

3. Book of the Month Club


Surprise, surprise: Book of the Month Club’s blog is all about — you guessed it — books. What is surprising, though, is that the blog acts as a perfect complement to the books on offer in a given month, without being overtly “selly.” Instead, the Book of the Month Club blog offers behind-the-scenes updates and whimsical infographics that guide visitors to the next entry on their reading list. Thanks to the writers’ chatty sense of humor and article formats that serve rather than take away from the brand’s focus on the joy of reading, the blog is a true, un-gimmicky treat.

4. Paper Mart

PM | L&T

Whether you’re packaging and shipping your business’s products or you’re sending personal gifts, making sure items arrive in tip-top shape is easier said than done. Thankfully, the folks at wholesale packaging supplier Paper Mart have us covered. The blog frames the brand’s industry expertise in a clear, conversational tone that puts the reader’s needs front and center. Importantly, Paper Mart writes post to several key audiences, from e-retailers and brick-and-mortar businesses to regular shoppers looking for helpful tips.

5. ModCloth

ModCloth | L&T

The ModCloth blog carefully walks the line between addictive and relevant content. With answers to questions that readers actually have — What does a “dressy casual” wedding dress code mean? — and lifestyle advice on topics ranging from arranging potted succulents to traveling tips, ModCloth keeps visitors engaged. Of course, each post includes plenty of photos of ModCloth products, and scrolling over any of the images gives you the option to pin it. How’s that for free advertising?

6. West Elm

West Elm | L&T

Featuring recipes, tips for entertaining, and design inspiration, West Elm’s blog feels as warm and inviting as their actual retail stores. That’s all to say that, in accordance with West Elm’s value prop, the blog feels like a window into a snazzier, more put-together version of yourself. It’s also worth noting that many of the recipes and tips highlighted on the blog are shockingly simple; one cocktail recipe only has two ingredients. The accessibility of the blog’s offeings makes it that much more addicting.

7. Kusmi Tea

K by Kusmi | L&T

Kusmi is a tea company based out of Paris, but their blog is so much more. By taking the ethos of their exotic teas and transferring that into content that inspires some serious wanderlust, Kusmi uses its blog as a means to situate its product within an aspirational lifestyle. Plus, the blog itself feels like a cup of tea — simple, delicate, and soothing, with an airy serif typeface and a clean layout. While the blog is translated into English for American readers, it maintains some French subtitles and details, making a visit to the site *almost* like a trip abroad.

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