9 Ideas You Can Borrow From the Most Successful YouTube Channels

Thunderfoot Team

Learn from the best of the best.

With over one billion users, YouTube is the largest and most popular video sharing site in the world — so naturally, maintaining a strong presence on this channel can help marketers extend their reach and build their brands. But, as is the case for all content marketing endeavors, it’s important to target the right consumers with video content that resonates.

These nine branded YouTube channels offer prime examples of successful video strategies to emulate:

1. Red Bull

Red Bull’s YouTube channel embodies the adventure-loving spirit of its brand community. With an original series of extreme sports clips, the brand speaks directly to the values and interests of its biggest fans.

2. PlayStation

PlayStation’s YouTube channel promotes all its upcoming product launches with tantalizing trailers and teasers. When properly executed, dramaticized previews of a much-anticipated launch can be a highly effective way to entice (and captivate) fans.

3. GoPro

GoPro is the king of user-generated content. While this camera company does, admittedly, have a headstart in sourcing action-packed videos from fans, any brand can channel this crowdsourcing spirit on a smaller scale. Encouraging consumers to post videos of themselves putting your products or services to use is a great way to promote your brand and build a dynamic Youtube presence.

4. Hubspot

Content marketing is all about giving your target audience something valuable, which is why the Hubspot YouTube channel is so popular. The brand provides marketers with helpful videos about developing strategies that work, asserting themselves as an authority on cutting edge technologies like machine learning in the process.

5. Guitar Center

Guitar Center hosts an annual Singer-Songwriter contest, encouraging musicians everywhere to upload YouTube videos of their performances for a chance to win studio time and a cash prize. As an added bonus for the brand, the contest generates tons of user content for the Guitar Center Youtube channel.

6. Moz

Moz’s popular Whiteboard Friday series covers a range of common marketing problems, suggesting tried-and-true tactics to address them. The series is wildly popular, generating 15-20,000 unique views every week. The lesson: helping your target audience solve a problem or answer a question can pave the way for video marketing success.

7. Best Buy

Best Buy frequently puts its weight behind charitable events and initiatives, and its YouTube channel provides a platform to highlight these philanthropic efforts while promoting the impact of its products. The brand’s most recent video depicts a Florida classroom that received $10,000, which the teacher used to purchase 22 tablets for students’ use.

8. Kraft

Kraft puts its products to use in an ingenious way, creating a helpful and entertaining YouTube channel chock full of mouth-watering recipes.

9. Blendtec

Blendtec puts shock tactics to use in its “Will It Blend?” series. In this viral video campaign, the company’s CEO blends various non-food items, including iPhones, rubix cubes and a pair of Nikes. Spoiler: they certainly will blend!